Lovely Feedback and Working with Good People

Here's some lovely feedback from Cardiff Bay based, master maker and jeweller Neil Rayment. I recently worked on a long term copywriting project for Neil. I spent time getting to know him and his business, to inform my creation of branding, web copy, blog posts and client case studies. It's a pleasure getting to know the individuals, businesses and organisations I write for. I often learn lots about another sector and/or about another form of creativity, and it's always inspiring and interesting to hear other people's paths and stories.

Neil's expertise and energy along with his dedication to realising his customers' jewellery visions is particularly impressive. I think it's important we each carefully choose the companies and colleagues we work with, to ensure upheld shared values, a positive working experience and the ongoing good reputations we desire. There is an old proverb that reads, “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are." The proverb features in this Forbes article on surrounding yourself with the right people.   

You can see more of Neil's business, and some of my words for him, here

You can read more about the happy clients I've worked with here.

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Why Should You Hire A Copywriter? Five Reasons...

Most people can write. Just like most people can draw, sing, drive long distance, cook and dance. But just because we can do all these things, doesn’t mean we can make the best possible job of them.

My vegan cooking tastes OK, but I'm new to this scene and need to move beyond chickpea and spinach curry. And while I’m happy to drive pretty much anywhere, there are more relaxing and productive ways to travel.

There’s a vegetarian market stall in Cardiff - the city where I live - called Clancy’s. They make vegan lunches and snacks that taste great. It’s a pleasure to buy them as they’re so much better than my own cooking, with no kitchen cleaning involved. When it comes to travelling to another city, I’ll happily pay to catch a National Express bus, allowing me to chill out and read or write instead of needing to concentrate on the road. I can also feel good that I’m travelling in a more environmentally friendly way.

So what value can a copywriter bring to your business compared to the DIY method of writing for yourself?


  • Saved Time + Pain

You’re busy running a business or organisation, and some of the hours in your day have to be spent sleeping. (If only they could come up with a cure for that). A copywriter will choose the best possible words for you, while taking on the burden of putting them together in excellent sentences. No more slaving over a hot pen. I'm pretty sure you can find another use for this saved time.

  • A Fresh Pair of Eyes

A good copywriter will take time to get to know you and your company or organisation. While you might know it better than anybody else in the world, there is such a thing as being too close. A copywriter will have a tried and tested, structured way of gathering the right information, and a plan for putting it altogether, without the bias and emotion of being directly involved in the business. They will ask you lots of questions and objectively pick out the key points that fulfil the message you’ve hired them to convey.

  • Carefully Chosen, Proofread Words

Words matter when presenting your service or product to the world. So does grammar. Spelling errors, typos and clunky sentences could switch off potential customers and influence them to take their business elsewhere. A copywriter will make sure your words read smoothly, representing you as the pro you are.

  • Boosted Brand

A brand voice that’s distinct will help your audience engage with you and feel part of your community. A copywriter will write in your existing brand voice or help establish one for you, making sure you and your business are accurately reflected across all of your published words.

  • Creativity

Many copywriters are versatile writers, and also write creatively - meaning they can apply this creativity to your project. Looking for something inventive, off the beaten track, or something that stands out a little more than the usual? A creative copywriter will be able to help.

So, to summarise, a good copywriter will make you:

  1. Sound better
  2. Look better, and...
  3. Make your life easier


Hire one!


Read about the services I offer, or get in touch. If you're not in the mood for clicking, my email is and my number is 07946 195223.



Adventures in Copywriting: Unicorn leggings, He-Man and Finding Work with Zing

Recently, I got commissioned to write product descriptions for Cardiff born and bred brand The Power of Greyskull. This was a really fun job to work on that included some of my favourite aspects of copywriting - so that's creativity, listening closely to the company owner to fully understand their brand voice, and being given space to be playful in my writing. Yes, I get to call this work!

Let me tell you a bit about the company >>

The Power of Greyskull was started by Kath Grimmitt a couple of years ago. Top notch sewing skills passed down from her nanna mixed with a degree in fashion, meant Kath was well placed to start her own clothing brand when she saw a gap in the market. She played for roller derby team Tiger Bay Brawlers at the time, who wanted fun, interesting leggings but had to import them from America, with the extra charges that brings. So – Kath started designing and making them instead, sourcing all her materials and printing within the UK. Her product inspiration is varied, with legging designs ranging from avocados to unicorns and dinosaurs to sunsets!

As I learned more about the company, I noticed that each and every design, whilst often far apart in subject matter, has something big in common - community inspiration. Kath has made countless designs to fulfil customer tastes, many of whom are friends, family and team mates (she offers a custom design service if you’d like to shape your own new print). She has collaborated with a local photographer to help support his inspiring work and story. There’s a design to help raise funds for the Welsh men’s roller derby team and their trip to the World Cup in Calgary. She has worked with a Bristol illustrator to make several joint designs (I’ll just say the phrase zombie dinosaurs). Kath has created a print to honour her nanna’s inspiring influence, and another to fulfil her sister's love of butterflies. I felt a real spirit of collaboration from this company, a feeling of positivity and family as a result of their work with other creative companies, of being customer driven with a culture of sharing.

It’s easy to understand why this is company is great to be around. But the job was just work, right? What could be so enjoyable about it? Well I'll tell you.

1.     Creativity.

Kath and I met to discuss the story behind each legging design, and we talked about what tone of voice Kath wanted to achieve. I was then given free reign to create a short product description for each pair of leggings. The stories were fun and varied. You don’t have to love the products and have fun with writing when you’re a copywriter, but it adds a level of flow when you do. Flow can validate your work and feel like confirmation you're on the right path. 

2.    Discovering the Brand Voice.

When you listen closely to a company owner, you get to understand their ethos and hear their passion. It’s inspiring to work with a company that has been built from scratch by one person, that helps others, that is creative, and appeals to your own sense of style and humour. The positivity and passion rub off.

3.     Space to be playful.

Sometimes, as a copywriter, you need to write in a technical way about, say, lead piping. That’s absolutely fine and satisfying in it’s own way, forcing your mind and skills to work out of their comfort zone and loading you with new knowledge.  Other times you get free reign to write about He-Man, Tron, unicorns and rainbows.


Anthony Storr says, in his book Solitude:

"It seems probable that there is always an element of joy in creative living. When this playful element disappears, joy goes with it, and so does any sense of being able to innovate."


As a freelance copywriter in my first year of business, I’m honing a sense of which jobs bring me zing. So far, the answer is jobs that allow for creativity and also jobs for companies that make social change and/or spread positivity. Amongst my previous copy work, I’ve written for a charity that carries out health education in Africa and a pioneering posturologist - both ticked the zing box as I could see how much they are helping people through their work. I've worked with several creative designer-makers whose vision and skills gave me the zing feeling. The Power of Greyskull writing allowed me full creativity and as a company they are working with conscience and spreading positivity. I loved this job! All these conclusions make sense, as I’m a creative person and write fiction, draw and make things. I also have a background in community work in the South Wales valleys. I am interested in all sorts of copy and all sorts of jobs, as long as the company is ethical. I am grateful for organisations who allow me to write about their lead piping (etc), but I think it's good to balance out the jobs that are technical with those that are playful. A question for myself that I can take from this, is 'How do I find future work which brings zing?' 

Back to the leggings and a question you might want answered is, ‘So the leggings look good, but how well do they fit?’ Excellently, and I'm not just saying that. The waistband is placed just right, the material is really comfortable, and they do not move an inch while you're running, being a yogi, or doing whatever you do. Before starting work for The Power of Greyskull, I ordered a pair of leggings as essential product research.  I can confirm their prints will help you run faster, and if you wear them to run in a park like I do, they’ll spread smiles among passers by.